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Ladder 610

Ladder 610 is a 75 foot aerial ladder. It acts as both a fire and a rescue vehicle. It features a generous amount of storage space for tools and equipment.

Manufacturer: Emergency One
Year: 2010
Pumping Capacity: 1500 gallons per minute
Water Tank Capacity: 460 gallons
Seating Capacity: 6 firefighters
Special Equipment: Large diameter hose
  BLS medical gear
  F-500 fire suppressant injection system


Engine 602

Engine 602 is the primary response unit to all fire and rescue calls. It has a versatile array of equipment and capabilities, making it an excellent front-line rig for Carlton Fire and Ambulance.

Manufacturer: Rosenbauer International
Year: 1996
Pumping Capacity: 1250 gallons per minute
Water Tank Capacity: 850 gallons
Seating Capacity: 6 firefighters
Special Equipment: Large diameter hose
  Holmatro extrication tools
  BLS medical gear
  Thermal imaging camera
  Class B foam
  F-500 fire suppressant injection system

Tender 612

Tanker 612 is a dual-function fire truck - it can bring water to rural areas using its large water tank or it can act as a fire engine with its 1250 gallon per minute water pump.

Manufacturer: General Fire Equipment
Year: 2002
Pumping Capacity: 1250 gallons per minute
Water Tank Capacity: 3000 gallons
Seating Capacity: 2 firefighters
Special Equipment: Portable drop tank
  Three-direction pump capability
Tanker 612 dumping its water into a drop tank. Other fire trucks can then use the water in the drop tank while 612 retrieves more water from a nearby hydrant, lake, river, or other water source.

Ambulances 601 and 609

Ambulance 601

Carlton Ambulance responds to all 911 medical emergencies with ambulance 601 or 609. 609 is the newer of the two, featuring touch-screen controls and LED emergency lights. Both ambulances are stocked identically. For more information on the special capabilities of Carlton Ambulance, see the Medical Response page.

Ambulance 609
Patient compartment

Utility 616

Utility 616 is used for transporting personnel and equipment.

Make: Custom Build
Manufacturer: General Fire Apparatus
Seating Capacity: 5 firefighters


Rescue 1

Rescue 1 is an all-terrain vehicle used in rescue and wildland fire operations. Its specialized tracks help it traverse difficult terrain that would be impassable to other vehicles. Rescue 1 is used frequently on medical and rescue calls in Jay Cooke State Park and for wildland fires.

Manufacturer: Polaris
Water Tank Capacity: 60 gallons
Seating Capacity: 4 rescuers and 1 patient
Special Equipment: BLS medical gear

Brush 608

Brush 608 is a wildland firefighting rig. It is equipped with a pump, water and foam tanks, and a variety of tools.

Manufacturer: Ford


Pumping Capability: 250 gallons per minute
Water Tank Capacity 300 gallons
Seating Capacity: 5 firefighters
Special Equipment:

Wildland gear

Class A foam


The rescue trailer is the newest addition to the fleet. It is a custom built trailer. It is equipped with rope and water rescue gear and ATV. 

Manufacturer: Octane Custom Trailers


Special Equipment:

Rope Rescue Gear

Life Jackets

Water Rescue Gear

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